Testosterone + Peptide Therapy

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$99.00 initial fee

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How does it work?

Our Testosterone + Peptide Therapy program combines ONOVI Power (Testosterone) and ONOVI Performance (Peptide Therapy) into one subscription- based program! Learn more testosterone and peptides below!

Men of all ages are struggling

Who’s it for?

Any man who wants to gain energy, lose weight, and increase libido. 

Any man who wants to look good and feel better!

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone is the hormone that gives you that extra edge and puts you in the zone to crush it at work, in the gym, and in the bedroom. It gives you confidence and makes you feel like a man.

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and our comprehensive evaluation will consider a holistic solution.

We will screen your testosterone levels by running bloodwork to determine if you have Low T or hypogonadism, which occurs when a man’s levels fall below optimal.

We will determine your ideal hormone levels and develop a personalized plan for getting you back to your peak performance.

Confidential and HIPAA-compliant.

Peptide Therapy

Peptides are simply short chains of amino acids that act as signaling molecules to accomplish precise outcomes.

Peptide therapy can combat the effects of aging by restoring optimal cellular function. Peptides allow us to heal from the inside out by targeting specific areas of concern.

Peptides in the Program

Peptides for Weight Loss
  • CJC-1295: growth hormone-­releasing hormone
  • Ipamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
  • Tesamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
  • AOD-9604: targets abdominal fat
  • Amlexanox/TTA: suppresses appetite
  • Tesofensine: suppresses appetite
Peptides for Reducing Inflammation and Improving Recovery
  • BPC-157: reduces musculoskeletal and gut inflammation and provides neuroprotection
  • Thymosin Beta 4: promotes fast healing and reduces inflammation
  • Thymosin Alpha: prevents oxidative damage and decreases inflammation
  • LL-37: antimicrobial, supports healing at sites of inflammation
Peptides for Athletic Performance / Muscle Gain
  • MOTS-c: mitochondrial biogenesis (increases production and function), potential exercise mimetic
  • CJC-1295: growth hormone-­releasing hormone
  • Ipamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
  • Tesamorelin: growth hormone-releasing peptide
  • IGF-LR3: increases lean muscle mass
  • PEG-MGF: increases lean muscle mass
Peptides for Cognitive Function, Memory and Neurologic Health
  • Cerebrolysin: fights depression and reduces anxiety
  • Selank: improves memory and learning
  • Semax: improves memory and learning, reduces brain inflammation
  • DiHexa: improves memory, neuroregeneration
  • BPC-157 – neuroprotection
Peptides for Gut Health
  • BPC 157: reduces gut inflammation
  • LL-37: antimicrobial, supports healing at sites of inflammation
Peptides for Immunity
  • Thymosin alpha: optimizes T cell immune function, reduces inflammation
  • Melanotan 2: treats chronic inflammatory response syndrome)
  • VIP – clears infections
Peptides for Longevity
  • Epitalon: increases longevity
  • FOXO4-DRI: senolytic, promotes apoptosis
Peptides for Men’s Health
  • Melanotan 2: improves libido and erectile function, causes tanning
  • PT-141 (Bremelanotide): improves erectile function and sexual arousal
  • Kisspeptin: increases testosterone, libido, bone density
Cosmetic Peptides
  • PTO-DBM: restores hair growth
  • GHK-Cu: improves skin elasticity

*-Any cancellation prior to the end of your 12-month subscription would result in a cancellation fee equal to the price of an annual subscription.

How It Works


1. Complete Your At-Home Screening

Once you receive your kit follow the detailed instructions to collect your comprehensive biomarkers and send it back to us with prepaid postage.

2. Book Your Telehealth Consultation

Using detailed questionnaires, virtual medical consultation, and at-home screening kit, we build a treatment strategy that’s personalized for you and your needs.

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3. Get Your Results & Prescription

Our expert team of Men’s Health Specialists and US-Licensed & Board-Certified Urologists will assess your results and provide with you with a prescription for qualified candidates.


new doctor | Male VIP
U.S. Board-Certified Urologists

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We have combined cutting edge genetic & epigenetic science with physiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance, hormones, lifestyle, and positive psychology for personalized solutions so you can access your limitless potential to thrive.

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