ONOVI offers testosterone therapy with telehealth and testosterone screening kits. Learn more about these options below and determine which works better for you!


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Testosterone Screening Kit

Once you receive your kit follow the detailed instructions to collect your comprehensive biomarkers and send it back to us with prepaid postage.
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Testosterone Therapy

Our expert team of Men’s Health Specialists and US-Licensed & Board-Certified Urologists will assess your results and provide with you with a prescription for qualified candidates.

Men of all ages are struggling

Who’s it for?

Low testosterone (low T) levels can occur with age or due to poor diet, stress, and other irregularities in your body. Low T creates a general sense of unwellness that is often so severe it impacts the man’s ability to have a “normal” life.

Testosterone is the hormone that gives you that extra edge and puts you in the zone to crush it at work, in the gym, and in the bedroom. It gives you confidence and makes you feel like a man.


What is it?

We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, and our comprehensive evaluation will consider a holistic solution.

We will screen your testosterone levels by running bloodwork to determine if you have Low T or hypogonadism, which occurs when a man’s levels fall below optimal.

We will determine your ideal hormone levels and develop a personalized plan for getting you back to your peak performance.


What can I do next?

If you feel like you’ve tried every diet and exercise program in the book and are still struggling to feel great, you may have a problem with Low T or other hormones. The good news is that we can help you get your hormones back in line and supercharge your wellness.

What’s included in your initial assessment?

✅ At-home blood screening kit shipped to you

✅ A 30-minute Medical Provider Consultation

✅ TRT Prescription (for qualified candidates)