ONOVI Weight Loss

Physician-guided/tech-driven plans for a lifetime of good health. By targeting precise factors that affect your weight we can start you on a personalized path toward weight loss and rejuvenation (see below for more details). 

$199.00 / month for 12 months

$99.00 initial fee

*Does not include costs of meds

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Why Try ONOVI Weight Loss?

Over 40% of men are overweight or obese. And excess weight affects every aspect of your health and performance. It increases your risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and mortality. It crushes your hormone function, cognitive function, energy, mood, and sexual function.

And men like you often struggle trying to lose weight. You may have tried the latest fad diet, or you’ve starved yourself, or spent hours on the treadmill with no results. That’s when a physician-directed weight loss program can be what you need.

Based on scientific principles that target the root cause of weight gain, medical weight loss programs help men lose weight by targeting what your body needs. This is not a quick fix, and doesn’t include surgery or any magic diet pills!

How It Works

Elite level, cutting edge, research backed, safe and incredibly effective medical weight loss program designed by our specialists. This includes medical prescription, peptide and supplement management, lifestyle, nutrition and accountability support from our certified health coaches and data driven progress results along the way. Program provides a comprehensive, systems-based approach to helping men lose weight, regain energy and focus and reduce systemic inflammation. Includes:


  • Comprehensive Men’s Health Assessment
  • Executive Health Evaluation with medical team
  • Prescription management (medications charged separately)
  • Supplements
  • Routine Medical Visits
  • Monthly Personalized Health Coaching Calls to provide lifestyle strategies and support, nutritional guidance, and accountability

Add-On Services

  • Personal training (virtual) with creation of
    personalized training program (4 sessions)
  • Digital Scale
  • Wearable Technology
  • Post-program coaching
  • Glucose Monitoring

*-Any cancellation prior to the end of your 12-month subscription would result in a cancellation fee equal to the price of an annual subscription.

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Real Physicians, Real Results

We have combined cutting edge genetic & epigenetic science with physiology, biochemistry, brain/peak performance, hormones, lifestyle, and positive psychology for personalized solutions so you can access your limitless potential to thrive.

Our network of Men’s Health Experts and board-certified Urologists deliver personalized, data-driven men’s health solutions all within the comfort and privacy of your own home.