The high performance telehealth company Onovi believes the collaboration will help race car drivers & entrepreneurs improve performance on and off the track.  

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Onovi, the leader in performance-driven men’s healthcare, today announced a partnership with Marko Radišic of SRQ Motorsports Group. Radišic, an Onovi N1 client, represents Onovi in the SRO GTA America series powered by Amazon Web Services, Inc. 

Just as race teams strategize and look for every tweak to improve the car’s performance, Marko Radišic does the same with his personal health and performance. Radišic works with his medical and performance teams at Onovi to make precise adjustments off-track so he can perform better on-track.

Marko Radisic Onovi

“We are proud to partner with Marko Radišic and SRQ Motorsports on the upcoming GT America series,” said Onovi CEO Clete Walker. “Marko has embraced the N1 Performance Health Program from Onovi Health and has been a fantastic example of how the program can improve endurance and stamina.”

The physical toll of racing is far greater than many realize, and the drivers are required to function at optimal levels. The stressors faced by race car drivers include exposure to high G-force levels, heat stress, and intense muscular effort in addition to mental stress, dehydration, and more. With precision-based prep and recovery, a race car driver will have a competitive advantage to find their way into the winner’s circle.

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